Dec 25 2014

Panerai Luminor1950 Regatta47 mm 3 days fly back titanium watch

According to history records, it is the200th anniversary of the first wrist watch born in the history. And according to information showed at the Panerai official website, Panerai watch has 150 years of history. In the two centuries, watch has experienced numerous evolution, all kinds of watches producers can be seen here and there, especially the Swiss watch makers, among which many have become the international famous brands, and have made a contribution for the development of the watch industry, brought us all kinds of a variety of watches. Panerai is one of them, and repeatedly, Panerai is the only watch brand that is reorganized and chosen by the Italian royal, that in the international watch altar is the only one. So what is the charm of the Panerai watches that make Italian royal so favor?

replica panerai luminor

replica panerai luminor

In the two centuries, the Panerai watches both in design concept and timely update achieved the qualitative leap of different periods. Every technological change is closely related to the progress of science and technology, and even become one of the biggest selling point of the Panerai watches. Panerai watches have many styles, here we are to introduce one of the classic Panerai watch.

This is the first Panerai watch equipped with special function for Yachting World –  Panerai Luminor1950 Regatta47 mm 3 days power storage fly back titanium watches. Started with precision instrument, the Panerai released the new p. 9100 / R movement which is equipped with the function of racing countdown, and that is especially made for the countdown of the classical sailing.

This Panerai watch has the unique operation methods, as when you press the stop/start button at the position of 10 o’clock, the relative pointers will start to rotate; and the button at the position of 8 o’clock is used to stop the timing operation and turn all the timing pointers to zero.