Dec 08 2015

The new brand of Rolex Day-date 40mm watches

1+During the 2015 watch exhibition in Basel, Rolex launched Day-date 40mm watches which has attractive dial plate, suitable size and more accurate movement.

The brief history of rolex day date replica watches
Until now, Rolex haven’t true regarded as a manufacturer which produces the complicated watches. But this Oyster Perpetual Day-Date watch is one of the most complicated watches. After getting the patent of day-date in 1955, Rolex launched the new brand of day-date which the model is 6511 in the next year. At the location of 12 o’clock set a hole to display the week, the location of 3 o’clock set a hole to display the date and the location is same with the Datejust. Essentially, just add a week display loop at the original Oyster Perpetual movement.
Then Rolex introduced President watch-band for Day-Date, and day-date become the Fume Blanc of Rolex watches slowly. This watch has complicated function and the material is just gold material. At that time, Wight D. Eisenhower who is the president of uk often wear Day-Date, so the day-date also called rolex presidential day date replica watches.

The day-date type of Ref.6511 launched more than a year later then replaced by Ref.6611 which equipped with new 1055 movement, Free Sprung Bmikece, weight balance wheel. This watch is also the first Rolex watch which marked “the characters of Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” at the dial plate. In 1959, Rolex launched Ref.1803, this model adopts 1555 type of movement and the oscillation frequency is 18000vph, the Ref.1803 has equipped with 1556 movement and the oscillation frequency is 19800vph.