Nov 04 2015

Visit record of Rolex factory—- the most mysterious area of the superior clock

chasovnik-rolex (1)Rolex factory has been considered to be the most mysterious area of the superior clock since its establishment  for hundreds of years. Only a few of the European professional medias have the privilege to enter the factory to visit. But for the higher position of the Chinese watch market, our magazine has the chance to visit the Rolex watch factory to uncover its mystery. Rolex has four districts including Acacias ,the global headquarters in Geneva, Geneva’s Plan-les-Quates and the Chene-Bourg as well as the Bienne factory. Each factory carries out its duties. These factories on behalf of the cornerstone of the brand value of rolex daytona replica.

The center of Rolex

The Rolex factory is located in the Acacias district which is the global headquarters. It is not only the center to make policy, but also all factories’ final stage to product, including the assembly, QC testing, final shipment of the Rolex watch. It is the origin of the Rolex legend.

There are many senior Swiss famous watch factories. But the Rolex is the special one. In this interview, the editor believe that the Rolex watch factory is one most watch fans dream. It is not exaggerated for Rolex really created a much market legend , plus the past low-key strategy which mysteries the Rolex.such as rolex gmt-master replica

When out of the car, a magnificent green transparent glass buildings firstly catches the editor’s  eyes. The editor is the watch fan, the editor could not help to think of the 116400 GV Milgauss immediately. This is the Rolex watch factory. As matter of fact, the Rolex founder Hans wilsdorf had migrated the Rolex factory from British to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919. And it was migrated in 1965 at the present site of Acacias agasias. And in 2006, it was completed the restructuring, then in 2007, the expansion of the Rolex factory was finished. And now, this building has the five layers with an area of 13000 square meters.